Friday, August 3, 2012

10 Funniest YouTube Videos ever

Everyday, millions login to YouTube to have a good laugh, be it at the misfortune of another, funny animals or downright clever antics. Funny videos tend to spread like fire through the web and with social media fueling that fire, some go viral, turning their uploaders into web celebrities or “cewebrities”, as they are often called. Unfortunately, some end up ruining lives (Star Wars Kid).
Following is a list of the some of the funniest YouTube videos of all time. Some of them are  top viewed videos on YouTube.
Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid is inarguably one of the funniest videos on YouTube to date. Swinging his make-belief double-bladed lightsaber around in wild, clumsy sweeps, this Star Wars fan has become somewhat of a viral video trademark and with several hilarious remixes, the video is also consistently listed in the top video memes of all time. [Watch]
Charlie Bit My Finger
No matter how many times one watches little Charlie bite his elder brother’s finger, it makes one smile involuntarily. The adorable viral video sensation has over 236 million views and a number of equally entertaining remakes.[Watch]
Evolution of Dance
Evolution of Dance finds one Judson Laipply firing away with an assortment of comic dance moves, boogieing to a medley of famous songs.[Watch]
Afro Ninja
Afro Ninja is among the funniest and most popular stunt-fails caught on camera. You can’t help but laugh every time you see Mark Hicks sneering oh-so-confidently at the camera only to crash head-first onto the floor moments later while attempting a summersault. And guess what? Mark got back up on his feet to make a full-length movie out of Afro Ninja. Bravo![Watch]
Numa Numa
Gary Brolsma became an internet sensation when he uploaded a video of himself lip-syncing and dancing to Moldovan pop group O-Zone’s “Dragostea din tei”. His comical expressions and unique dance moves have earned over 39 million views (for the original video alone).[Watch]
David after Dentist
“Is this real life?” Dazed little David’s ride back from the dentist has been viewed more than 69 million times, been reviewed by top YouTubers and has several equally hilarious remixes and spoofs.[Watch]
Little Superstar
Little Superstar is the kind of video that invokes a mix of surprise, confusion and involuntary laughter in its viewer, that is, it’s one of a kind. This weird yet funny viral video is a clip out of an old Tamil film showing dwarf Indian actor, Thavakala, breakdancing to MC Miker G & DJ Sven’s “Holiday Rap”.[Watch]
Dramatic Chipmunk (Dramatic Prairie Dog)
Dramatic Chipmunk is arguably, “the best 5 second clip on the internet”, as claimed by the caption of the YouTube video. The ever-hilarious video has over 23 million views and countless spoofs. The “chipmunk” in the video is actually a prairie dog. [Watch]
The Sneezing Baby Panda

Why is this among the most popular animal videos on the web? It’s the mother panda’s reaction. It’s priceless. [Watch]
This video is a short clip of an exuberant baby in fits of laughter. Priceless footage. The video currently has over 140 million views. If fairies exist, a vast majority of their population may be credited to this video. [Watch]


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