Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coolest Refrigerators

5. Modular Refrigerator
It’s hard to get the perfect refrigerator for students. Although living in the same dorm, everyone wants a single space and the number of the students in every dorm is not the same. This brilliant design from the Electrolux Design Lab competition 2008 gives us a great solution. Designer: Stefan Buchberger.

4. Tree House Refrigerator

 This refrigerator design concept is more weird than it is beautiful. Its midsection is like the trunk of a tree, and it has five container/cabinets arrayed around it that resemble tree branches. Push a foot switch and the motorized main section opens.
3. Norcool Fridge in a Drawer
 This Norcool fridge does away with the traditional idea of the singular, monolithic fridge, instead it tucks your cold food away in drawers. And it’s not a concept. Norcool’s production Drawer Fridge system is not only real, but it could be extremely efficient too.
2. Bio Robot Refrigerator
 Designed by Yuriy Dmitriev, the Bio Robot fridge works on the principle of biopolymer that helps to keep all the food items cool through luminescence. The non-sticky gel surrounds the food and the strong surface tension of the gel helps to build separate pod for them. The fridge offers plenty of space to hold your eatables without mixing the odor. Amazing concept, it’s the futuristic refrigerator.
1. Shift Refrigerator
 The concept behind the Shift Refrigerator is to save energy by minimizing the outflow of cool air. What it wants us to do is use a smaller compartment in the big fridge, on a regular basis. It will be trough this special door that you put your most used food items. The principle is that when the refrigerator door is opened, cool air flows out and warm air flows in according to how wide the door was opened, resulting in increased use of electric power. Designer: Yong-jin Kim.


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